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aboutus offers access to one of the most insightful eSports and rSports communities, founded and ran by betting professionals.

We aim to help you find an edge and beat the book, while delivering the sharpest picks to you instantly from our staff, all of which have a proven record of long-term success. Find your way to our stats sheet to see years of bet history and detailed statistics by each of our tipsters and never tail a pick blindly again.

We're more than just a community. Not only do we provide picks and have a fully transparent record, we also provide you with the tools and resources to be a disciplined and profitable bettor.

Check out our YouTube channel, where you'll find videos with insight and analysis for upcoming matches and tournaments.

Our Twitch channel has everything from model building and interviews to open discussions with viewers and live betting.

At you'll find our blog where we post detailed write-ups, picks, and analysis. Over the next few months we'll be adding tools, stats, and models as well, so stay tuned!