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Expected value and implied probability is one of the most important two concepts in betting.  Expected value is the predicted percentage of an outcome. The odds a book gives you on a bet is directly correlated with implied probability. If we bump our expected value (EV) up against the implied probability, and our expected value is higher than the book, we've found a +EV bet.Odds can be easily converted to implied probability using the following formula: 1 / Decimal book odds = %

Finding the best odds available can be the difference between a +EV /-EV bet. Let's look at a specific example. Overall probability of a coin flip landing heads or tails is roughly 50%. Odds would be roughly 1.9 (-110). If you bet this 1,000 times, you would lose money. This is -EV. If I offered you 2.2 (+120) odds on heads and you bet this 1,000 times, you would be profitable. This is +EV.


We find odds where a favorite is priced as a dog. We bet on huge dogs that should win a higher percentage than priced. These odds shift quickly, which is why it's so important to know the picks when the happen!


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You wouldn't pay $100 at Amazon for something that's $75 at Walmart, would you? Just the same, our team is constantly monitoring odds on all of our recommended books. When we find the right price, the pick, odds required, and book we took it on will be posted instantly to Discord! 

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Our team is around the globe and if there's an esports tournament, you better believe we're all over it!  We specialize in CSGO, League of Legends, Overwatch, and DOTA2 so you'll never have a day without action. 

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Of course we don't just specialize in eSports. We bet spreads, totals, futures, and - of course - huge underdogs. Teasers have been hot already this NFL season, you don't want to miss out. On top of that, you'll find data analysis and gem stats that will help you find an edge.